Why Choose Prima Careers?

Like every leading company, we understand that there is no such thing as a silver bullet. Every aspect of our organisation and operations needs to be critically assessed, evaluated and benchmarked against best practice. This drive for continuous improvement shapes initiatives and decisions that allow us to exceed the expectations of our customers and program participants.

Our Ten Pillars of Quality, listed below, drive this continuous cycle of improvement.

1. Our Career Management Solutions

The best supporting technologies available.

In addition to providing each participant with a dedicated consultant/coach for the duration of their program, all participants also have unlimited 24/7 access to our world-class online learning program, the Career Management System.

This provides additional materials, reading, assessment exercises, coaching modules and activities complimenting the individual coaching sessions.


Our Career Management Solution is benchmarked annually with world’s best practice at an annual international conference. We use the industry’s best provider, Insala, whom we meet with regularly.

2. Our Flexible Approach

Everyone is different. 

All participants are assigned an individual consultant/coach, irrespective of the length or type of program. Our consultants and coaches take a flexible approach and participants have unlimited one-on-one access during their program.


Our Program Office reviews the quality of the coach and the overall delivery of the program at least twice during the delivery phase.

3. Our Candidate Care

Support when it’s needed most.

All participants are matched with appropriate consultants/coaches to suit their backgrounds and future career aspirations. We follow up after the program to ensure that they have achieved their career goal and received all the support that they need, and this feedback is then sent to our clients provided we have the participants’ permission.


Our Program Office reviews the quality of the coach and the overall delivery of the program at least twice during the delivery phase.

4. Our Customer Service

We always deliver on everything we promise.

Flexibility and responsiveness, personalised service, and following through with reporting on every participant are the traits of our team most highly rated by our clients.


Annually, an independent firm is employed to conduct a survey using a Net Promoter Score methodology to gauge career transition management customer satisfaction. Last year, our team received a rating of 9 or 10/10 for customer service from the majority of our clients.

5. Our Industry Knowledge

Our participants get an unfair advantage. 

Our career coaches sit beside, work closely, and collaborate with the Prima Careers recruitment team. As a result our coaches provide participants with up to date information about career opportunities including; which firms are hiring, which industries are growing, what job types are emerging, competencies and salary comparisons between similar jobs in different sectors, and very often a networking link into the candidate’s target organisation.


Our Program Office distributes lists of participants to our recruitment team and actively promotes discussion with the recruitment consultants. The success of this introduction is reviewed and measured by the program office.

6. Our Reporting

We measure and report on what we say we will deliver.

The Prima Careers Career Transition Management team produces consolidated monthly candidate reports for all of our clients, which track each participant’s participation in the program, job search activity, and their progress towards stated goals. Where required these reports are tailored to specific client needs, including frequency and content.


As part of our quality process every candidate’s progress is reported back to our clients on a monthly basis. The format of these reports is constantly tailored to meet clients’ KPIs.

7. Our Results Orientation

Achieving employment goals.

Our career coaches work diligently with each participant to ensure they have the right tools, training, attitude and activities to ensure their success. Even after the tenure of a program has finished, we follow up with each participant to ensure that they are on track and have achieved their ultimate goal.


Prima Careers closely monitors the placement rate for all individuals on a program, and currently we have at 91% success rate for employees finding their alternative career goal within 6 months of working with Prima Careers.

8. Our Team

Australia’s best.

We pride ourselves on having the most qualified, experienced, passionate and diverse career coaching team in Australia. The team includes a number of coaches who have worked in the industry as directors and senior managers for other career transition firms, before leaving to join Prima Careers.


Our Program Office reviews the quality of the coach and the overall delivery of the program at least twice during the delivery phase. Any mismatch or breakdown of relationship is detected early and only coaches with exceptional feedback continue to be part of the panel.

9. Our Line Manager Support

We provide key support at critical times.

As part of our service, our senior consultants/coaches assist management with redundancy planning, on the day logistics, methodology, line manager briefings, and communication strategies – at no extra cost.


The vast majority of our clients utilise this free service, and the percentage use of this service is constantly increasing.

10. Our National and International Coverage

We work with you at your locations.

Prima Careers has delivery capability in all capital and major cities in Australia including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Greater Western Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Canberra, and throughout New Zealand. We also deliver in regional locations, with our project team establishing temporary offices where required.

Through our global partners, the Career Star Group – an international network made up of the best career transition management/outplacement companies – Prima Careers has the capacity to deliver standardized career transition programs in 770 offices across 70 countries globally.

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