Prima Careers has a strong pedigree of working closely with RPO and in-house recruitment teams during times of transition to maximise the number of individuals redeployed, rather than retrenched.

These interventions include assistance with a one-off project, i.e. a ‘fill and spill’ of organisational roles, as well as embedded teams that support the in-house recruitment function to manage progressive redundancies throughout the year.

Prima Careers Redeployment

Prima Careers has developed a new philosophy and approach to redeployment, which assists organisations to better achieve their redeployment goals and KPIs.

This approach moves redeployment:

From a traditional, one-off event for the company and individuals

To a multi-faceted and holistic process that reflects your company’s culture.

From a linear, recruitment-led experience

To a candidate-led experience, where the candidate is the centre of the process, and manages their own career.

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