Executive Outplacement

By listening closely to our clients, Prima Careers has been able to develop an approach to executive career transition that is more unique, more outcome-focused and simply more successful than any other in the industry.

The feedback we’ve had from this new approach has been universally positive. Our program is unparalleled, and leaves our executive clients delighted.

Executive Outplacement Australia

We understand Executive needs better than anyone

In 2016, the Prima Careers team surveyed a number of CEOs and Executives participating on an executive outplacement program, delivered by Talent2 (Prima Careers’ predecessor) and other providers of Executive Outplacement Programs in Australia.

The feedback from this research was consistent across participants, regardless of provider.

Our findings included that Executives generally appreciated the assistance they received in the first 2 to 3 months of the program, but felt that the following months on a 6- or 12-month program provided increasingly diminishing value.

When surveyed about ways to improve the program, the following five themes, listed below, consistently emerged.

  • Executives want to choose their Coach and Outplacement provider. Very often, Senior Executives have prior notice to their departure, and in these instances, they want to be treated with respect and dignity, and to personally select the Executive Coach for their career development program. The relationship between the executive and their Coach is the key to Outplacement success.
  • Executives want direct introductions and effective methods for ensuring that they meet the major international search firms responsible for managing most corporate appointments in Australia. They also wanted introductions to, and a better understanding, of emerging specialist search firms in their respective fields – such as retail, legal, board appointments, etc.
  • Executives also want direct access to the principals of the supporting outplacement firm, and for these principals to ‘open their networks’ and introduce the Executives to key decision-makers in target firms.
  • In addition, our research has revealed a new profile of Executives, who are choosier, more curious, and more impatient. These Executives want to have more control over the process, and be informed about – and introduced to – contacts and boutique search firms specialising in less traditional (and often more exciting) growth areas.
  • Executives often report to their providers that personal issues surrounding their transitions need to be better addressed. One CEO reported that he “wasn’t important anymore.” Others report significant change in relationship with their spouse or partner, and that their email traffic has dried up and there are far fewer invitations to social activities where their networking had traditionally occurred. Prima Careers understands this better than anyone, and we tailor our Executive Outplacement programs to suit the personal needs of every individual.
Executive Outplacement Australia

 Our New Approach

  • Initial Meeting
    • The Executive meets with the Coach to determine their chemistry, and the Coach’s relevant experience/credentials.
    • Without the Executive’s absolute confidence that their assigned Coach will effectively partner with the executive during the career transition, the process restarts here and another Coach is assigned.
  • Introduction to Coaching Circle
    • At the executive level, Prima Careers takes a different approach to career Transition Support.
    • The executive is initially paired with a Career Transition Coach, who typically has similar background experience and has held similar board, CEO or C-suite roles.
    • This Transition Coach then ensures that, throughout the program, the Executive meets a variety of Senior Executive Coaches and principals at Prima Careers to discuss their progress and get practical referrals to other Senior Executives, target companies and Executive search firms.
  • Introduction to Key Search Firms
    • The emphasis at this level is on meeting the key international search firms, or else more boutique, specialist search firms when appropriate.
    • This is a key aspect of the Prima Careers process.
  • Introduction to Emerging Employment Trends
    • Members of the Executive’s coaching circle discuss emerging employment trends and opportunities with the Executive, and, through their own network and contacts with specialist search firms, assist the Executive in investigating these opportunities.
    • Over the last ten years, corporate Australian and ASX-listed companies have generally decreased their numbers, while overall unemployment rates within Australia have remained static, implying a swing towards emerging firms. The more choosy and curious Executives want to be educated about some of these more exciting options.
  • Respectful Executive Support
    • The overall program also realises that, at the most senior level, it is typical to spend long periods of time on the job search, and therefore Prima Careers takes a number of measures to ensure the Executive is treated appropriately during this sometimes anxious and lengthy time.
    • This includes a dedicated office secretary/PA, support, and invitations to networking and recreational events are all part of the Executive package at Prima Careers.
    • Depending on the program, this may also include such conveniences as complimentary CBD parking, health checks, and gym memberships.

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