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Prima Careers is the evolution of the Talent2 Career Transition team, one of the last decade’s leading providers of outplacement and career transition. In 2017, we rebranded to Prima Careers.

We support over 4000 individuals on career transition programs annually, and partner with over 200 corporate clients nationally.

We are guided by three core values (listed below) as we grow and evolve as the premium career transition and coaching provider in Australia and New Zealand.

1) We are platform-driven, not event-driven.

Based on a platform of quality and continuous improvement, we understand that everything that we do should support our desire of striving for excellence. We invest in measuring our quality and outcomes, and the investigation of global best practice.

The people we hire, our technology, our reporting, our customer care, our program integrity, our program results – all of this must align with our overall platform of quality and continuous improvement. Every decision is based on this platform.

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2) We are driven by empathy.

We strive to do things for people, not to them. We strive to understand a customer’s needs and motivations. Based on their needs, KPIs and budgetary constraints we develop solutions that will achieve the optimum result for all stakeholders.

We treat each individual on the career transition program as unique, with their own history, set of circumstances and future goals. We have a standard process which yields excellent results, but our coaches modify and adapt this process to meet the personal needs of every participant on our programs.

3) We value intangibles.

We value the important things that can’t be quantified on a spreadsheet – things like the life experience and wisdom of our senior consultants, and the generosity of spirit that drives them to go the extra mile for those on the program that they’re coaching.

We value the extra discretionary effort of our team members, who will always do what they say they’re going to do, even if it means significant commitment outside of core work hours. We value results and the process.

We know that to be the best we must honestly appraise every aspect of our service to customers and individuals on the program, and continuously improve and evolve our service if we are to stay relevant in a work environment that is ever-changing.

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