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There’s a reason why industry leaders and experts choose to work with the Prima Careers team– our quality and results are second to none.

The board and executive team, who have all held Managing Director roles at the leading providers of outplacement – Morgan & Banks, DBM, Lee Hecht Harrison, Hudson and Talent2, are supported by over 50 specialist coaches, located in all major centres of Australia and New Zealand,

We don’t compromise on quality. Client delight and the pursuit of excellence are paramount to us, and ingrained in everything we do.

Peter George
Managing Director

Peter has personally tackled some of Australia’s largest ever change management programs – the closure of Hydro towns in Tasmania, projects at water, gas & electricity providers through the country, and in the La Trobe Valley he once personally project managed the outsourcing of 1,800 people He’s given strategic advice to executive teams facing significant commercial challenges, successfully lead and grown teams internationally, and been instrumental in the shared service operations of companies like Australia Post.

Morgan & Banks made him their Managing Director of Human Resource Consulting for Asia-Pac, and then appointed him as Managing Director for Europe. Operating out of London, he established a highly successful consulting division in 16 countries, and upon returning to Australia he established Talent2 Career Transition Services.

Peter began his career in psychology, and is to this day a registered psychologist. Perhaps that’s where he gets his intuition for people’s unspoken needs, and his reputation as a man of great calm in the face of turbulence.

Elisabetta Farina
Managing Director

Elisabetta has over 14 years’ experience in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region in the areas of program delivery, account management and office management, and prior to her role with Prima Careers was the General Manager NSW for career management titan Talent2.

She’s personally managed major redundancy projects at well-known corporate giants, and brings to each project the weight of considerable global experience.

The secret to her success? Understanding that outplacement isn’t like any other business – it’s the human aspect of the industry that makes what she does special, and it’s an exceptional emotional intelligence, an eye for detail and a brilliant desire to exceed expectations that has made Elisabetta so prominent in the industry.

Bob Pierce Prima Careers

Bob Pierce
Client Services Manager

Bob Pierce has been consulting in Human Resources at both the client and individual level for over 15 years, and has developed a reputation for exceptional standards and watertight management consistency.

Bob has qualifications from Harvard and Yale, and his knowledge is of indispensable value to Prima Careers. His speciality – and his passion – lie in the project management of major restructuring projects, as well as supporting and advising companies undergoing extreme change. His is a nationally trusted name because of his genuine interest in every individual whose career transition he manages, and an unfailing dedication to empowering others to the best of their capability.

Bryan Waters

With over 30 years’ experience at the senior executive and board level at both NAB and the Bank of Melbourne, and another 15 in leadership and management consulting, Bryan is a heavyweight of the industry.

He’s responsible for some of Australia’s largest and most successful downsizing operations, including project managing massive redundancies at well-known food corporations, in excess of 1,000 employees at a time.

His current passion is for the development of a premium executive career transition program suited to today’s executives. He’s one of the country’s most respected opinion leaders in senior executive career management, and his presence and leadership at Prima Careers provides an invaluable boon to the senior team.

Katie Peterson

Katie brings an electric presence to the Prima Careers team – she’s somebody who isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo, and yet someone who creates tremendous bonds in the team.

Katie’s been responsible for the incredible success of a number of high-profile projects – she’s personally handled the downsizing of thousands of employees at well-known brands. There’s a reason why Katie is the go-to woman for large-scale, highly personal and often highly risky projects – her intuition for what’s appropriate in every situation is nigh unmatched, and her sense of personal responsibility and unfailingly lofty standards have left client after client delighted.

Customer feedback for Katie is universally positive, and speaks volumes of her character and integrity on the job. To have Katie on a project is to guarantee that project’s success, above and beyond the call of duty.

John Turner

John’s story is that of classic entrepreneurial success. He has owned and run a number of highly successful businesses, as well as held Managing Director roles around Australia and the United Kingdom, specialising in marketing. He established a prominent career transition business in Australia, which was later bought by (and became the Australian arm of) Lee Hecht Harrison.

Over 24 years he’s built a formidable reputation for unparalleled expertise in Career Management, and having managed outplacement projects involving thousands of people to extraordinary success, and we’re incredibly privileged to have him on the team.

John is best known for his charitable work, his success with executive programs, his compassion, and his desire to achieve the best result possible for each client.

Dianna Pirak
Project Office Manager

It’s Dianna’s business that clients are kept as happy as possible, and it’s a job she attacks with relish.

Dianna is at the heart of Prima Careers. The consistently exceptional quality of her work has guaranteed relationship after relationship with clients and candidates, and it’s for this reason that she acts as the bridge between Prima Careers and our clients – not only managing projects and coordinating the associates and consultants, but heading up company-client communications and strengthening relationships.

For Dianna, customer delight is mandatory, and she takes it upon herself personally to make sure not a stone is left unturned on the quest for excellence.

Ali Hamilton
Project Office Manager

Ali’s been a pillar of the Career Management Project game for years, and it’s because of her near-fanatical commitment to customer service, project excellence and attention to detail.

She’s personally responsible for career transition programs nationwide, and oversees the entirety of career management projects from end to end, including wrangling consultants, preparing candidates in every aspect possible, arranging networking and training opportunities, and everything in between.

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