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In a world where the competitive edge comes from the individual performance of the top executives, Prima Careers Executive Coaches can enhance that competitive edge by developing the skills of your staff and management team.

An Executive Coaching Program demonstrates your commitment to your high performers and will build their commitment to your organisation. It’s one of the necessary factors in your organisation becoming an employer of choice.

Each individual on our Executive Coaching Program will be assigned to a Senior Career Development Consultant who will work with the individual to complete an action plan and set program objectives.

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Why choose Prima Careers Executive Coaching?

  • Our coaching team have high levels of business experience and knowledge, formal coaching accreditations to the ICF level or equivalent, relevant corporate experience, and over 400 face-to-face hours’ coaching experience each.
  • Our coaching is top-down rather than bottom-up. At the start of each assignment, we spend time investing in our organisational understanding. All coaches are then briefed on the organisation’s strategic imperatives, culture, values and people issues before beginning the coaching process. Our coaching is culturally sensitive to ensure that behavioural development actually supports the organisation’s culture in an effective, outcome-oriented way.
  • Prima Careers Coaches explore individual motivations to guide career choices and make sure that both behaviours and technical/professional skills and knowledge are developed to match career aspirations. Our coaching is focused on achieving sustained behavioural change.
  • Situational coaching is part of our process, but the goal of each coaching session is to build skills that will deliver long-term improved performance.
  • Prima Careers Coaches meet regularly in a facilitated group, led by a Senior Prima Careers Coach, to discuss coaching issues, discuss solutions and best practice, share issues, and to increase learning experiences across the group. This in turn increases the effectiveness of the Coaches within your organisation as they, in a confidential setting, present the development issues and roadblocks of their clients and discuss pragmatic and effective solutions.
  • We have a standard methodology that puts rigor and results-orientation into our coaching process while still allowing coaches the freedom to use their experience and individual expertise to get the desired results for their candidates. We have a very talented group of coaches who meet very strict criteria and have referenceable track records. Quite simply, we get results.
Premium Executive Coaching Australia

Our Proven Methodology

  • Working with host organisations to clearly define and articulate their strategic goals, and how candidates can contribute to these strategic imperatives.
  • Vital ‘chemistry meetings’ to ensure that each candidate is paired with their ideal coach.
  • Formal, standardised assessment – EQ testing, 360-degree feedback, personality inventories, and more – to ensure each program has an objective starting point.
  • A further check with sponsoring organisations to identify the gap between each candidate’s present and future state.
  • Peer coaching sessions, facilitated by a Senior Prima Careers Coach, to support coaches and improve their skills. This process is especially effective when multiple individuals from one organisation are being coached, and where coaches, without giving away confidentiality, share ideas and develop strategies for improving performance within a company-specific culture.
  • Regular check-in meetings with the Senior Coach, the Prima Careers Sponsor and the sponsoring organisation to ensure that each candidate is progressively moving towards the goals articulated at the beginning of each coaching program.
  • Comprehensive evaluation, involving all parties, at the end of the program.

Why use Executive Coaching?

Leading organisations are using Executive Coaches to assist with the development of key Executives and enhance their performance.

Presenting issues may include, but are not limited to:

  • Increasing numbers of technically able people are being placed in management or Executive positions while they lack the necessary leadership, people and management skills to succeed in their management roles
  • As managers move into Executive roles, they are required to be more strategic in their thinking, have the ability to develop company-wide strategies, and present these to the board or other Executive groups for approval. They also need the skill of selling their strategy to their team. This is not an innate skill. Often, there are a number of competency and psychological issues associated with taking this more strategic view.
  • As managers move into more Executive roles, increasingly they need to lead teams rather than manage them. This requires a different skillset.
  • Executives and leaders may need assistance to develop skills in change management and resilience in order to to lead major organisational reforms and achieve their organisation’s strategic goals.
  • Leaders and Executives need to develop advanced influencing and persuasive skills as they move from managers to Executives.
  • Senior leaders often need a person to act as a knowledgeable sounding board – but they need someone who will not be adversely effected by the discussion of change options and alternative future strategies.
  • Executives want to confidentially explore personal development and quality of life issues.

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