Employee Assistance Program

By providing an Employee Assistance Program, a company demonstrates its core values by supporting employees at a time of need. This doesn’t go unnoticed.

Employees supported by an EAP program are better equipped to deal with emotional and stress-related issues outside of work, and are more inclined to be engaged, present and productive.

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Premium EAP Employee Assistance Program Australia

Why Choose the Prima Careers EAP?

Prima Careers is lifting the bar in Employee Assistance Programs. We understand better than anyone that a strong EAP should have a measurable impact on productivity, absenteeism and insurance premiums, and improve mental health and wellbeing in your organisation. An EAP is a show of commitment to your employees, and ought to be an integral part of any organisation’s wellness program.

As with all aspects of Prima Careers, we pride ourselves first and foremost on our consistent quality, and that’s what makes us different. We don’t outsource anything to a call centre – when an individual calls a Prima Careers EAP, it’s a call for help, and should be treated appropriately. All counselling sessions and phone calls are provided by an APS- and APRHA-certified psychologist.

Premium EAP Employee Assistance Program Australia

We don’t settle for second best

Every single one of our EAP Counsellors is a qualified psychologist who meets the following criteria:

  • They are a full member of APS.
  • They are registered as a Psychologist with APHRA.
  • They are registered as a Medicare provider.
  • They have a minimum 7 years’ experience post-registration (or equivalent).
  • They are in full-time private practice as a Psychologist (not a home office).
  • They have their own Professional Indemnity Insurance.
  • Their experience includes providing Critical Incident Response and Debriefing.
  • They have good knowledge of local resources for crisis intervention and referral.
  • They have their own local Psychologist associates and/or belong to a group practice.
  • Their counselling methods and strategies are solution-focused, strength-orientated and CBT evidence-based.
  • They adhere to the APS Code of Ethics and Ethical Guidelines

Our comprehensive reporting system gives real-time data on every measurable aspect of the program, while being accessible in such a way so as to preserve absolute confidentiality.

Premium EAP Employee Assistance Program Australia

Manager Assistance

Prima Careers also provides qualified APS- and APHRA-registered psychologists to assist Managers with personal issues and management of mental health in the workplace. As part of this service we also provide a range of workplace health and wellbeing seminars, some of which are:

  • Managing and Preventing Bullying and Harassment
  • Maintaining Wellbeing and Optimism at Work and Home
  • Introducing the EAP Service
  • Preventing Job Burnout
  • Mental Health Awareness & How to Seek Help
  • Dealing with Difficult Customers
  • Positive Psychology at Work
  • Achieving Healthy Work-Life Balance
  • Managing Organisation Change
  • Thriving in High-Performance Work Culture
  • Healthy Sleeping

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