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Premium Outplacement and Career Transition

Premium Outplacement & Career Transition

Change is the one constant in the fast-evolving employment market today. Whether it’s a consequence of downsizing, restructure, merger or acquisition, divestment, office relocation, or a multitude of other business drivers, change affects the careers of everyone within the organisation and has a major impact on the operation of your business.

How well prepared is your organisation to deal with the uncertainty that change can create, and how ready are your people to embrace the new opportunities that will arise? This is where we come in. 

Prima Careers works in partnership with your organisation to provide timely advice and ongoing support to proactively manage the careers and expectations of your employees during times of change. We can ensure the best results for your people by:

·         Providing compliance advice that keeps abreast of the constantly changing legislative environment

·         Supporting departing employees to find their next career solution

·         Reassuring retained staff by clarifying their goals and initiating career planning strategies

·         Minimising any impact on ongoing business by optimising the engagement of existing teams

Premium Outplacement and Career Transition

Our Tailored Service

We work closely with you to design and implement a broad range of customised Career Management and Outplacement Services. We cater for every level of employee, from operative staff to senior executives across the spectrum of age, tenure and seniority. Our Career Management programs, Group Seminars and Job Search Workshops can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation and provide ongoing support for individual staff, teams or entire business units. We provide:

·         Tailored Career Transition and Outplacement Programs

·         Employee Programs tailored to meet agreed goals of one to six month duration

·         Senior Executive Programs of unlimited duration

·         Career Development Coaching

·         Career Decision Seminars

·         Remote location assistance

·         Career Centres        

·         Job Search Workshops – operational and managerial staff

·         Group Programs and Seminars

In addition to our Outplacement and Career Management programs, we support you in developing effective strategies to manage change in your workplace by:

·         Developing the appropriate strategies for your people following merger, acquisition and corporate restructure

·         Working with you on project, logistic and communication advice

·         Advising on the appropriate notification processes

·         Advising on workforce redeployment and career development opportunities

·         Ensuring the engagement of the retained workforce

Premium Outplacement and Career Transition

Our Proven Methodology

Prima Careers equips both clients and their employees with a refined set of tools to ensure optimum outcomes in the highly competitive employment market. We don’t believe in off-the-shelf solutions. Our approach is flexible, hands-on and success oriented. We are committed to:

·         Putting people first by developing a comprehensive understanding of each individual’s needs

·         Engaging with the business, its culture, priorities, goals and challenges

·         Offering flexible programs for individuals as well as seminars, workshops and career centres to meet our client’s specific needs

·         Appointing a dedicated account manager as primary contact

·         Providing experienced consultants specially selected to fit each project

Prima Careers’ innovative combination of methodology, technology and service delivery is dedicated to providing:

·         Flexible one-to-one Individual programs that equip candidates for the highly competitive job market

·         An exclusive Online Career Management Solution that can be used in support of one-to-one programs and as a valuable resource for regional and remote locations

·         Ready access to office facilities at our locations

·         Post-program contact and support

·         Global reach through the resources of our local and international networks supported by our membership of the Career Star Group

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